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Embossed Business Card's

Why Choose Bizcard Custom?

3-D Embossing

Metallic Foiling


Embossed Business cards | Bizcard

Bring your logo to life with 3-D embossing

Make an instant impression on everyone you meet with professionally crafted, embossed marketing products from Bizcard Custom.

  • Build trust and customer loyalty with exceptional, eye-catching design
  • Be elegant without looking gaudy
  • Create a “Wow” effect that’s guaranteed to get noticed

Bizcard and its sister company American Business Card have been helping small and medium sized businesses craft a professional image for more than 17 years. We do this through a combination of high quality graphic design and our unique printing process.

The result is an eye-catching company image that helps to build confidence, trust and loyalty in your business.

Our company is made up of skilled designers that find inspiration in their work and take time to design with creativity and purpose. Our professional print craftsmen have years of experience with custom printing, color processing, foiling and embossing.

Why Choose Bizcard Custom?

While our Custom Department specializes in foiled and embossed business cards, we also offer a wide variety of additional custom printed products. Can’t find what you need? Call us at (800) 555.6778 for a custom quote.

Embossed Business cards | Bizcard

What is Metallic Foiling?

Metallic foiling uses a special type of metallic material to add a shiny, reflective look to a piece of paper. Foiling is often seen on a wide variety of marketing materials, including business cards, postcards, presentation folders, stationary and more.

Embossed Business cards | Bizcard

What is 3-D Embossing?

Using a rare style of craftsmanship, a carefully created metal plate is used to push a part of the paper up, producing a 3-D effect that can be seen and felt.While embossing is most commonly found on business cards, the effect can be produced on a wide variety of marketing materials and often combines well with metallic foiling.

Embossed Business cards | Bizcard

What is Die-Cutting?

Die-cutting uses a special cutting machine to produce a “cookie cutter” effect. This is done by cutting specific shapes out of the paper.

Die-cutting can be as simple as rounding corners on a business card or postcard, or it can be used to create complex shapes and images.